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        This joint symposium is aimed to share and strengthen interdisciplinary research relationships between Engineering schools of Chiang Mai University and Muroran Institute of Technology to help improving the quality of education and promoting sophisticated research collaborations

        This symposium will be a forum to disseminate information on the recent research in Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Robotic. This year, the symposium will be hosted by the department of Industrial Engineering of Chiang Mai University during 14-17 November, 2013 at Centara Duangtawan Hotel Chiang Mai, Thailand.

        The MIER2013 intends to enhance interdisciplinary interactions, therefore, various topics related to the mechanical, industrial engineering and robotics are welcome. The MIER2013 invites papers on (but not limited to) the following topics

1.Modeling and simulation of mechanical and industrial systems
2.Mechanical systems design and application
3.Manufacturing Engineering and Production Management
4.Robotics system design and automationn
5.Energy, Bio-Technology, Clean technology design
6.Quality Engineering and Management, Reliability
7.Production, Supply Chain and Logistics System Optimization and Simulation
8.Sensing and measuring
9.Instrumentation Systems and Control

        All extended abstracts are reviewed by Technical Committee. Accepted abstracts will be published in the book of Extended Abstract. Selected abstracts are welcome to submit in form of full paper and get further review for the publication in the special issue of Chiang Mai University Journal of Natural Sciences - CMUJ.